Cheval Liberté Maxi 3

Type: trailer
Bodytype: trailer
Initial reg: 10/2019
Price: EUR 6500
VAT 0% (no VAT accrue)
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Large salkammer with window Pullman two wheel suspension system front aerodynamic and control polyester Aluminum walls Aluminum Floor Mosquito floor, glued and sealed Freezer door / ramp solution with solid rubber and non-slip Frontutlasting the interior plates on both sides page padding inside on both sides inside lighting spare wheel mounted in the salkammer Airtech dropdown in mesh design with integrated elastic 3. brake light 1 ventilation window on the left side which can be opened Large side door on the right side with sliding windows Adjustable partition in aluminum and PVC with adjustable standard partition and padded safety arrows Attaching the Pony boom Lowered frame CURTAIN SYSTEM Cheval Liberté delivers a roller blind on the loading ramp, the mesh of which is so tight that raindrops do not normally penetrate, while ensuring better air circulation. You can choose between this or full tight armor. A solution with an integrated net with velcro was rejected due to the limited lifespan of the velcro. ADDITIONAL MATERIAL DELIVERED WHEN PURCHASED M + S all-season tires instead of summer tires Additional rubber wear mats 2 tailgate roof hatches full rear in fiberglass, white Interior shelf Pull additional stainless steel on the left side Additional partition Double door rear instead of the door / ramp solution 2 additional windows on the rear door if double door Different camera solutions - TrailerCam HD 5 ″ digital - wireless - with or without reversing camera Sulky Telescope 4-part mount, stainless steel CHARACTERISTICS Permitted total weight: 3000 kg Net weight: 1250 kg Payload: 1750 kg Internal length: 400 cm Internal width: 207 cm Interior height: 225 cm total length: 524 cm Total width: 230 cm Total height: 263 cm Loading height: 38 cm Wheel size: 13 ″ Number of axles: 2

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Location of a vehicle: Rīgas rajons, Latvia

Cheval Liberté Maxi 3 has a great aerodynamic design in anodized aluminum and fiberglass. It is completely free from heavy and rotting wood and there is plenty of room for three horses. Cheval Liberté Maxi 3 weighs only 1250 kilos and has a total weight of 3500 kilos and therefore a full payload of 2250 kilos!

With the Cheval Liberté Maxi 3 you get the large set of equipment that the Cheval Liberté is famous for, among others, the Pullman 2 car suspension, the low loading height, the large saddle and up to 4 sliding windows for optimal ventilation. There is also a combined door / ramp solution (the ramp at the rear can also be opened as a door.) The trailer has an extra large and convenient entry door at the horse section on the right side, which means that you don't have to bend to get in and out like you did with most horse trailers.


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Cheval Liberté Maxi 3Cheval Liberté Maxi 3Cheval Liberté Maxi 3