Adding an ad

If you are already a registered user please log in using your username and address and choose one of the following methods for advertising:
1) click on the link Place your ad on the upper submenu bar and from the disclosed page choose Add an ad to the database
2) click on the link Place your ad on mainpage

Also you can advertise in without logging in. In that case you have to enter your contact data and choose a username and password on advertising page before you can add an ad. After entering the ad you are a registered member and thereinafter you can log in to with these attributes.

While filling out the vehicle ad form you need to choose advertising period, fill in fields about the vehicle and add accurate seller's contacts. To note optional features please mark already listed features. When some features are missing from the list add them to the textbox in the end of the list. Data is saved after clicking on Save and next button.

You can add photos on the next page. For that you need to have digital photos of your car saved into your computer. To add photos click on Browse button and choose commendatory file. Usual ads can be added without photos. photographing service is described in the next sub.

After adding pictures press on Save and forward.

Now the ad you entered and information about the ad appears on My ads page (link is located on My account page). On that page you can see, modify and delete your ad.

New ads of the week

New ads of the week are shown in the order of ads first activation time. Until first activation time is within 7 days the ad will be shown as new ad of the week. Because prolonged ads are first activated more than a week ago they will not be shown as new of the week.

End an ad

When you have sold your car or just want to end a vehicle ad then click on End ad link by correspondent ad on My ads page. After confirmation the ad will be not active, but stays not actively on My ads page as long as you delete it from there. Ended ad does not appear in search results and message "sold" is displayed while viewing this ad. Ended ad can be activated again only by paying again.

Delete an ad

To delete an ad go to My ads page and there by corresponding ad click on delete ad link. When you have confirmed the deleting order your ad is being removed from My ad page. To delete an active ad you have to end it first.

Help and additional information

When you have more questions or problems please apply to:

[email protected]