Volkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kW

Type: autocaravan
Bodytype: (L4H2)
Initial reg: 05/2013
Engine: 2.0 TDI (100 kW)
Fuel: diesel
Mileage: 260,000 km
Drive: rear-wheel drive
Transmission: manual
Beds: 3
Color: white
Reg. number: reg. nr
Price: EUR 37,900
VAT 0% (no VAT accrue)
Bargain price: EUR 29,990
VAT 0% (no VAT accrue)
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Safety and security equipment

  • power steering
  • central locking (with remote control)
  • ABS brakes
  • airbag

Comfort equipment

  • air conditioner
  • tinted windows
  • spot lights


  • textile upholstery

Audio, video, communication

  • car stereo (CD, MP3, with USB interface, with memory card interface)
  • speakers
  • screen (in front, for rear seats)
  • video


  • gas cooker (with burner)
  • Led, ees- ja taga, köök, dimmerdatav lighting (12v + 220v)
  • Dush, wc, soe ja külm vesi washing room
  • Põhja all must ja puhas water tank
  • step board

Other equipment

  • Võimalik teha päikeseterass roof railings
  • roof rack
  • 12v kompressor isotherm refrigerator (gas + 12v + 220v)
  • WC
  • sink
  • More pics: Selfbuilt campervan that has everything needed for great trip! From solar panels, to hot and cold water, shower, wc, kitchen and heating system. Car was previously owned by one water company in Estonia who delivered water from one city to another. For 95% of the time there was one old guy working, who used this car and only him. This is why it looks like new and very well maintained. Only serviced in official dealership. I have proof of this aswell. It was perfect template for building campervan. And I travelled with my girlfriend and our 1 year old daughter 6 months in EU before corona. Due to work we can not continue anymore our travels. OUTSIDE * 2x100 W solar panels on roof * 2x 12V 40x40 roof vents with remotes * 1x small mini Heki roof window * Roofrails -> can make sun terrace if needed or attach gear * Ladder on the back * Boxes on rear left door (Estonian Air old airplane food aluminium boxes) * BF Goodrich All/Terrain tires, metal rims painted black * 4m awning * Reverse camera * LPG tank underneath the car, fillable in every gas station in Europe (has 4 different adapters). Has TÜV sertificate. Originally from Installed in Estonia. * Clean and dirty water tanks underneath the car. * Body glasses covered with 3M protective shield * All doors have HEOlocks installed for extra security * Gas outlet for gas-grill/cooker * Fresh water inlet * 230V external connection * Seeker extra LED lights in front + Philips LED H7 bulbs in headlights * New front window * Led light All car is insulated with aluminium foam boards (which you use in sauna) + macroflex for small gaps. Over that is folium and on top of that is vapor barrier. INSIDE (driving area) * Three seats, all turnable towards living room. They have TÜV sertificates also. Only one provider in EU for cost of around 550 EUR. * Big screen Android radio/navi can play DVD, has wifi and is very fast. * Reverse camera is also shown on the screen of radio. * Everything is visually in very good shape INSIDE (livingroom+kitchen+shower) * 2 zone dimmable led lights * Turnable table which can be removed * One extra seat * Carpeted + PVC on floor * Kitchen has regular sink with hot/cold water * Kitchen also has water purifing system, so water from underneath can also be drinked * Gas stove with 2 panels * Compressor fridge running from 12V (very low power consumption) * Truma 6 water heater/boiler (You can set temperature what you like and it will automatically hold it like this) * Cabinets in kitchen, above seating area and over kitchen + over bed area. * King size bed 160X200, plus cabinets on one side for smaller items. * One hidden cabinet for more expensive stuff and 3 big drawers underneath the bed entrance * Monitor for movie nights * Victron Energy Inverter/charger 500W sinus + plus all cables connecting from outside source if needed * 2x 110Ah extra AGM batteries for storing everything that is coming from solar panels, from driving or from external power source * Ring MPPT which is able to convert power from solar or car own system without damaging anything * Shower needs a day to finish floor, walls and assembly of door. Everything in stock, waiting for installment. * Fire, Gas + carbon monoxide detectors * Gas system has extra crash sensor also for double safety + tank itself has stoppers in both ends.

Technical specs


number of doors: 


power:100 kW



Other information

Inspection valid until 11.2020
Brought from: Estonia
Location of a vehicle: Tallinn, Estonia

Vehicle exchange

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Henry Tiitus

Volkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kWVolkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kWVolkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kWVolkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kWVolkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kWVolkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kWVolkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kWVolkswagen Crafter Highline 2.0 TDI 100kW